Bike Tour 2017 – Budapest to Bratislava Section

May 22 – Arrive in Budapest

My partner Jean and I landed in Budapest on May 22 after a long flight from Vancouver, Canada.  We brought along our bikes so first order of business was to assemble the bikes.  This was made more difficult due to KLM restriction that require squeezing each one into a bike box.

Prior to travelling, we searched high and low for a bike route from the airport to downtown and were assured that this was impossible to achieve legally without walking 500m along the edge of a freeway. Thanks to – a great little bike route app, we managed to find a good 20 km route and soon were cycling along a separated bike path located between a freeway and a rail corridor which was close to cycling highway standard.

After 5 km, the route switched to quiet streets.  Near the end of the route, we chose a direct route to our destination and used sidewalks on the busier sections since it was getting late and dark.

We spent 3 days exploring the city.  A must do is to buy a one day transit pass which allows use of all transit facilities including a river ferry system.

May 25 – Budapest to Visegard – 55 km

Rode out of the city past the beautiful Parliament buildings and then across ? Island. After crossing the bridge to the south side of the Danube, we soon encountered the EuroVelo 6 bike route. This international bike route extends between France and the Black Sea and much of the route is along the Danube River.  For more information on EuroVelo cycling routes please visit .  Most of the route is either off road or on quiet streets, though we did have a bit along a busy highway with no shoulders – they don’t do shoulders in Europe, exept on freeways. Quality of route ranged from dirt paths which would have been challenging in rainy conditions to super delightful paved paths beside the river. There were also sections along quiet streets and also a short secrion on a natrow highway.

May 26 – Visigrad to Komarno – 55 km

 We followed EuroVelo 6 along the south/west side of the Danube until Esztergom. Portions of the route were on idyllic paths besisde the river.  At Estergom we we crossed the river to ?, Slovakia.  We continued on the slovak side until Komarno. A large portion on the Slovak side was on relativwly new paved paths of high quality.  Every 5 to10 km, we encountered a rest area which had a shelter, bike racks and an information board – very civilized! Pic coming soon.

May 27 – Komarno to Gyor – 55 km

We stayed 2 days in Gyor.  Gyor has a lovely old town ccertr which is car free. Pic to come.

May 29 – Gyor to Bratislava – 45 km

We stayed three days in Bratislava.

Castle with Danube River in foreground

June 1 to 6  – Side trip by train to Tatra Mountains 


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