Bike Tour 2017 – Bratislava to Znojmo Section

June 6 – Brartislava to Devin – 14 km

A short ride along and near the Danube to the village of Devin which is located at the confluence of the Danube and Morava Rivers. Above Devin is the ruins of a castle. This site has evidence of human habitation going back to 5000 BC and including the Romans.

June 7 – Devin to Jakovy – 64 km

Here is a pic that sums up a lot of local history

Section of preserved barbed wire fence along EuroVelo 13 cycling route

My   is parked against a preserved section of the iron curtain – here it is a high barbed wire fence. The bike path is a section of eurovelo 13 – the iron Curtain route. This section is along the Morava river which separates Slovakia and Austria. In the background is one of a string of bunkers which were never used but caused the Nazis to annex the Slovak side of the river before ww2. This section of EV13 was likely a former border patrol road. The bridge is a newish ped cyling bridge crossing the river between Slovakia and Austria. Not too long ago, this area was a no go zone and a person would be shot if attepting to cross the river. Now it is all about the joy of cycling

June 8 – Jakovy to Lednice

Followed EuroVelo 13 mostly along dike-top paths. Starting at Devin, there ate lots of information boards along the route – one every km or two. Here is an example:

The boards contain lots oh local and historical information -this one is about bats.

After skirting through a small coner of Austria near Hohenou, we went along a portion of EuroVelo 9 to Breklev and ended our day in Ludnice in the Czech Republic

Palace in Lidnice

June 9 – to Lednice to Hevlin

Checked out historic John’s Castle. Followed combined EuroVelo 9 and 13 part of the way. Also went along a section of the Vienna-Prague Greenway. Here is a movie of a superb section of the route. It was doubly good since we had a strong tailwind. Here is a movie of Jean cycling along this section:

 Came across an interesting sculpture commemorating those who died while attempting to cross the iron curtain.

A memorial for those that died while attempting to cross the “Iron Curtain”

Later we saw an info saw an info board listing names as well. I find it fascinating that this border area which caused no much conflict and misery in the past now has a delightful cyling route instead of a barbed wire fence

June 10 – Hevlin to  Znojmo
Followed EuroVelo 13 most of the way.  Paved farm roads and a short section of dirt farm path. 


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