Bike Tour 2017 – Prague to Dresden

June 20 – Melnik – 75 km

From our hotel in southern Prague, we rode on a mostly off road path (cycle route A22) till we met cycle route A2 at the Vltava River. This cycle route is also part of EuroVelo 7 (EV7) which connects Malta and Norway.  We then rode EV7 All the way to Melnik. We rode through the heart of Prague on an off-road path and cotinued on a mixture of riverside paths and quiet roads.

We were surprised when the signage had us go up a set of stairs and cross over a pipeline bridge.

We found out later that there was a alternate route which involved taking a small ferry across  a river.

Melnik is a lovely little town with a picturesque square.  Not as dramatic as Prague, but it is a nice feature of cycle touring that we get to explore these little gems.

Church in Melnik

June 21 – Litomerice 

June 22 – Mezni Louka 75 km

We rode mostly on an excellent path along the Elbe River. Spotted a castle on the way. 

We rode for a few km after crossing into Germany (not so much as a sign to infom us!) and took a small ferry actoss the river to Hrensko on the Czech side. After a 7 km. ride, we arrived at our destination which lies in the heart of Saxon Switzerland National Park which features a number of interesting sandstone formations.

June 23 – Rest day

We took the bus to a trail head and did  6 km. hike. One of the sights was the biggest rock bridge in Europe.

June 24 – To Dresden

After a quick descent from Mezni Louka, we crossed the border into Germany (for the second time)  and entered the pretty German village of Bad Schandau where we again connected with the EV7 path beside the Elbe River. 

Square in Bad Schandau, Germany

We rode most of the way to Dresden on EV7 which was mostly a riverside path or narrow local access road. At Pirna, we decided to switch to the cycle route on the north side of the Elbe. This was OK for a while until we hit a massive festival which blocked our route a few times forcing detours. Bonus was that the festval also caused many streets to be car free. Eventually, we came across a bridge which took us to the path on the south side of the Elbe. This 4m wide paved path took us into the heart of  beautiful Dresden. 

June 25 – Extra day in Dresden – 38 km sidetrip

Today we rode out to Moritzberg Castle north of Dresden. Also saw a nice church.

More pics here.

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