Bike Tour 2017 – Rostock, Germany to Copenhagen

July 12 to Nykobing Falster, Denmark

First imppressions re cycling infrastructure in Denmark were good. Similar to Germany with quiet roads or separated paths. Also, they use the Dutch style “shark teeth” yield strips on roads as well as on bike paths.

Then a couple of noisy, smelly gas powered motor svooters came by and I quickly realized that they also seem to share the horrid Dutch policy of allowing these on bike paths. They also seem to have the Canadian predilection bor baffle gates!?! Fortunately reasonably widely spaced.

Rode along a nice oceanside path for a while.

July 13 – To Stege –

Started off on a nice paved path. Then quiet country roads followed by gravel lanes and forest access roads. Took a ferry actoss to the next island.

We were then quite surprised to find ourselves on a busy highway with narrow shoulders, especially after being pampered for many weeks. Thankfully we  were on the highway for inly a few km and had a strong tailwind. Rest of route was quite pleasant.

Oceanside path – nice location, but unusually natrow and with gravel surface

July 14 – To Praesto

Took bus 20km to the white cliffs of Mons Island. Buses take 2 bikes inside the bus!

Cycled back to Stege and on to Praesto by mostly following the B-KO/EV7 route. We were again surprised when the route followed a busy higway with natrow (5 – 30 cm wide) shoulders. Rest of route was the regular quiet roads with some off road paths. Also we were pleasantly surprised to find a section with wideish (1.5 to 2m) paths on both sides of a highway!

Praesto is a cute village on the sea.

July 15 – To Holtug

On the way out of Praesto, we came across thei sayurday maket. Most of the village wsd car free and crowded with people. No police or volunteets manning batricades – why can’t we do this in Vancouver? How about car free Water Street every Saturday?

Saw more chaulk cliffs north of Redvig.

July 16 – To Copenhagen – 60 km

Saw a few castles on the way.

Then our ride turned into an adveture.  First it started to rain and Jean got a flat on one of her Schwalbe Maraton Plus tires. Soon after, I got two flats in a row – perhaps we rode over the same glass field. Jean received a nasty welcome to Danish style cycle tracks by falling off her bike when she rode over a poor transition from bike lane to cycle track.

All was forgiven when the rain stopped and the route brought us to a path through a seaside park and then through a forest and fields which extended almost to the heart of the city.  The last few kilometres were on wide cycletracks.

3m wide cycle tracks on both sides of the road

More pics here.

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