Bike Tour 2017 – Copenhagen & Malmo

July 16 – Arrived in Copenhagen after a longish (80km) ride from Holtug. 

July 17 – Explored the city centre. First item on the agenda was a ride over the Cykelslangen (Bike Snake) Bridge.

We went into the mall at the end of the bridge and parked in the extensuve indoor  bike parking area.

Then we explored the city. Cycling was very comfortable – lots of cycle tracks – but motor vehicle traffic was almost in gridlock. I guess that this is why over 40% of trips are made by bike.

More pics here   

July 18 – More Exploring Copenhagen

We had lunch at the Street Food Market. Then rode over the new ped/cycle bridge. This bridge had lots of construction problms and received a negative review from Copenhagonize:

Here is a pic of the weird jog:

Cyclists hace to negotiate a tight jog near the left side of the pic.

Copenhagen has developed Green Waves for cyclists on many arterials. Lights are synchronized in one direction so that traffic travelling at 20 kph flows freely. 

 July 19 Did a side trip to Malmo. 
More to come…


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