Bike Tour 2017 – Groningen to Amsterdam

OAug 7 – To Apeldoorn

We wanted to stop for lunch at the Schortinghuis restaurant in Spier, but the train south from Gronigen was not in service and the alternate bus service did not take bikes. We had to take 3 trains to Hoogeveen and then cycled 12 km to Spier.


Then back to Hoogeveen and 2 trains to Almelo where we went to the childhood house of Arno’s mother. While there we came across a section of the F35 Fietssnellweg (literally Bicycle Freeway). When completed, this will become a 60 km cycling highway which will connect the cities of Almelo and Enchede in the eastern part of the Netherlands.


Then one more train to Apeldoorn where Arno was born. While in our hotel, we tried to fond locations of any war memorials that recognized the Canadian soldiers that helped to linberate the npNetherlands near the end of WWII. Imagine our surprize st loabpcating two memorials just across the road from our hotel.


Aug 8 – ToAmersfoort

Cycled mostly on paths parallel to 2 lane highways, the fist portion being past the former royal summer palace (Het Loo) and through the royal forest.

Aug 9 Wijk bij Duurstede via Utrecht and Houten – 67 km

Nice ride into Utrecht. At one point the bike path we went straight under a road roudabout. Beautiful city centre with lots of pedestrian streets in rhe city centre.

We found out later that the first section of the biggest bike parking facility in the Netherlands (room for 12,000 bikes!) had opened the previous day in the rebuilt central station.

Found one of the many cycling highways in Utrecht. This section followed Kanalweg and was oriented in a north-southish direction.

Rode south to the relatively new town of Houten. This town was built around 8 cycling paths. Portins of some parhs are of a style called Fietsweg (literally Bike Street).

Aug 10 – Oss – 51 km

Nice ride along dikes which included a couple of ferry rides across large canals. 

Aug 11 – Eindhoven via ‘s Hertogenbosch (aka Den Bosch)

We discovered a cycling highway between Oss and Den Bosch and followed it for about 8 km out if Oss. This is a mostly 2 way path which is 3.5 to 4m in width and has many road crossings with cycling priority.  At one point the path went around 1/4 of a road roundabout with cyclists having priority in both directions!

An intersection in Den Bosch where the path switches from ine side of the street to the other, there is an indicator which shows the fastest path through the intersection (straight-right-left or right-left).

We cycled on to Eindhoven mostly along a cycle path parallel to a higheay. 

Aug 12 – To Terheijden

Aug 13 – To Zoetemeer

Aug 14 – To Kedelstaart

Aug 15 – Back to Vancouver on a flight from Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport – 12 km

Short ride to the Airport. Our airline (KLM) insisted that bikes be boxed so we had to pay E23 for each box on top of the E125 fee for bringing along each bike on the airplane. Boxes were quite large which made packing fairly straight forward.7



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